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Kids and Weed Don’t Roll Together

MTAC Announces New Prevention Campaign

Massapequa Takes Action Coalition (MTAC) announces a new prevention campaign, Kids and Weed Don’t Roll Together, to educate parents, guardians and community residents to the dangers and consequences of youth marijuana use. 

Adolescence is a critical time for our youth as the brain is still developing through the age of twenty-five. Today’s marijuana has tripled its potency since the early 1990s (NIDA). The increase in potency presents a higher risk for negative health effects which may lead to emergency room visits. 

MTAC’s new campaign, outlines unique and informative facts and education to help parents talk with their kids about how marijuana use affects their brain, health and safety. To learn more about the dangers of youth marijuana use, go to or like/follow Massapequa Takes Action Coalition on Facebook.

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