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MTAC’s Leadership, Stakeholders and Partners

Since 1997, MTAC has existed as a resource for the Massapequas to prevent and reduce youth substance misuse to promote a healthy Massapequa. Our bylaws designate the election, terms and responsibilities of a volunteer leadership team to ensure our work is sustained in the Massapequas:

  • Joanne Waters, LCSWR - Co-Chair and Social Worker Massapequa High School
  • Mark Wenzel - Co-Chair and Assistant Director YES Community Counseling Center (YESCCC)
  • Adrienne LoPresti - Treasurer and Executive Director, YESCCC
  • Susan Altamura - Secretary and parent/resident of Massapequa

MTAC's Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Support Grant Program Staff through the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): 

  • DFC Program Director, Corinne Alba
  • DFC Project Coordinator, Brooke Langella

As a Coalition, we work with many local, state and national partners to achieve our goal to help young adults and their families find ways to manage their emotional pain and minimize their stress without using or abusing drugs and alcohol. If you would like to collaborate with Massapequa Takes Action Coalition, contact Brooke Langella, Program Coordinator, at (516) 799-3000 x131 or email us at at

Our Coalition consists of:

Massapequa Takes Action - Massapequa Public Schools Vehicle
Active Parenting Class Series for Parents of Teens
Free TIPS Training for Massapequas' Businesses Serving or Selling Alcohol

Working Together to Prevent Substance Misuse & Promote Healthy Families