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MTAC’s Impact on the Massapequas

Partnership For Success (PFS) Grant – Addressing Prescription Drug and Opioid Misuse

Recognizing there was a prescription drug and opioid problem in the Massapequas, in 2014, New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (NYS OASAS) awarded MTAC a Partnership For Success (PFS) Grant. Since that time, Massapequa Takes Action Coalition has contributed to the reduction of prescription drug and opioid misuse and reduced access to prescription drugs in the homes of Massapequa residents.

Our PFS Grant has:

  • Developed marketing campaigns to provide residents with tips to secure, monitor and dispose of unnecessary medications
  • Helped healthcare providers and patients determine when and how opioids should be prescribed for chronic pain
  • With our partner, YES Community Counseling Center, trained over 800 residents to administer naloxone which reverses an opioid/heroin overdose

Our efforts have contributed to:

  • A 35% reduction in nonfatal opioid overdoses*
  • Increases in young adults not using prescription drugs without a prescription**
  • Tremendous decreases in access to prescription drugs in the home**

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Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Support Grant Program – Reducing Underage Drinking and Marijuana Use

In 2018, MTAC was awarded the prestigious Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Support Grant Program through the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Drug-Free Communities Support Program is our nation’s leading effort to mobilize communities to prevent youth substance misuse.

MTAC continues its work under the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) including Assessment, Capacity Building, Strategic Planning, Implementation and Evaluation. MTAC conducts community assessments to prioritize efforts to prevent and reduce youth substance misuse. The assessments are used to plan and implement data-driven, community-wide strategies that address Massapequa’s complex social issues.

The DFC Grant Funding targets past use of alcohol and marijuana for Massapequa’s youth (grades 7 to 12) as some rates (grades 10 to 12) are above state and national norms.*** In addition, the average age of first alcohol and marijuana use in the Massapequas is below the age of 15.***

Alcohol and drug use at an early age is an important predictor of the development of a substance use disorder later on in life. The majority of those who have a substance use disorder started using before age 18 and developed their disorder by age 20 (National Institute on Drug Abuse).

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Data Sources:
*Nassau County Police Department
**2018 NYS OASAS Young Adult Survey
***2022 NYS OASAS PFS YDS Survey (grades 7 to 12)

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